Risk Management

The Netball Australia Risk Protection Program was developed by V-Insurance Group in conjunction with Netball Australia and their Member Associations. The ‘Safe Netball’ App has been created to provide assistance to the Netball community in assessing, mitigating and managing the risks associated in participating in netball and netball related activities. The intention of the Netball Australia Risk Protection Program is to provide Associations / Clubs with a Risk Management framework to manage potential exposures.

As a Netball Association / Club you have an obligation (“duty of care”) to provide a safe environment to the general public and the members participating in the sport. V-Insurance Group have developed the following Risk Management resources and suggestions to assist you in providing a safe environment for everyone involved in Netball.

Netball Australia Game / Training Checklist App (Safe Netball)

We recommend for you to download our Risk Management App.

Netball Associations / Clubs can download the app to their iPhone, iPad, Android phone or device. The benefit of the app is the Game / Training Checklist can be completed and stored without the requirement of completing and retaining paperwork. A user of the app can have a copy of the completed report emailed to them for electronic record keeping.

The app also includes centralised storage of the completed checklists and automatically uploads the relevant information to your Netball State / Territory Association. Photos of problem areas can also be taken using the functionality of the app.

Safety Audit

The safety audit is a risk management tool that should be completed prior to the start of each season, allowing enough time for any changes to be made and risks rectified before the season gets underway. This is designed to highlight some of the risks that can exist on a larger scale and to promote Association / Club committees to be pro-active in preventing injuries.

Risk and Safety Officer

We recommend that a designated responsible office is appointed by each association to oversee the safety of everyone involved in the sport. This role is vital and should be addressed at regular meetings.

Items to be addressed at regular intervals include;

  • The safety of players, volunteers, officials, supporters and the general public.
  • Any incidents that occurred and if any action is required.
  • The health and safety of volunteers.
  • Review business practices and protocols regularly.

Please contact V-Insurance Group if you require any assistance.

Claims Data

As an association you should have a person responsible for approving insurance claims.

Often claims are sent into the insurer for processing and the association does not hear any more about the claim as the insurer quickly corresponds directly with the claimant. If you would like to know more about the claims for your association, please contact your state association or otherwise contact V-Insurance Group on 1300 945 547 or email us at

Download our free Netball Australia Risk Management App to easily complete a Game / Training Checklist from your phone.

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