Personal Accident Insurance

Who is insured under this policy?

All Australian Netball Association t/as Netball Australia, Northern Territory Netball Association Ltd (NT Netball), Netball Queensland Limited (Netball Queensland), Netball South Australia Inc (Netball SA), Tasmanian Netball Association (Netball Tasmania), Victorian Netball Association Inc (Netball Victoria), Netball WA Inc (Netball WA), ACT Netball Association Inc (Netball ACT), The New South Wales Netball Association Limited (Netball NSW), the Suncorp Super Netball (SSN) Competition and competing teams including Trans Tasman Trophy Netball Limited (TTNL) and all Affiliations and Associations participating within organised club competitions and coaching clinics of each State and Territory including all members, regional boards, players, officials, volunteers, trainers, umpires, referees, coaches, directors, officers, committees, sub-committees and work experience students and prospective members for up to four weeks after initial approach including subsidiary or controlled companies now or previously existing or hereafter formed or acquired.


Who is the insurer?

Liberty International Underwriters


What is the period of insurance?

From: 1st February 2018 to:4.00pm 1st February 2019.
Both Local Standard Time at the Insured’s head office


What is the scope of cover?

Whilst participating in sanctioned Netball Australia activities including all:

a) Official events
b) Playing, training and trialling
c) Official social events and fundraising activities
d) Travel to and from the above activities


Where are you covered?

Anywhere in the world. 


What are the Age Limitations?

Death and Permanent Injuries

The following benefits are paid for accidents resulting in permanent injuries.  The benefits payable as a percentage on the following lump sum amounts;
Death                                                                                 $250,000
Death under 18 years of age and over 70                10%  ($25,000)
Quadriplegia and Paraplegia
Quadriplegia                                                          250% ($250,000)
Paraplegia                                                             250% ($250,000)
Capital Benefit
Capital Benefit                                                                   $100,000
Capital Benefits over 70 years of age                        20% ($20,000)
Note: The maximum amount payable for an Injury resulting from an Insured Person travelling to or from a competition, game, performance, social function, training session or administrative activity is 20% of the Benefit Percentage listed in the “Capital Benefit Schedule”.

Non Medicare Medical Expenses

Insured Persons 2-100 years old 


Weekly Accident Benefits

Insured Persons 2-65 years old 


How to make a claim?



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