Management Liability (Directors & Officers)

Who is Insured Under this Policy?
Directors and Officers of Netball Australia and all affiliated State Associations and Territories, including all affiliated clubs and associations and any appointed sub committees, subsidiary and/or related Corporations as defined under Australian Corporations Law and/or financiers and all parties for whom the Insured undertakes to insure for their respective rights, interests and liabilities.
Who is the insurer?
Berkley Insurance Australia
What is the period of insurance?
From: 4.00pm 1st January 2019 to:4.00pm 1st January 2020.
Both Local Standard Time at the Insured’s head office
What is the Limit of Indemnity?
$ 10,000,000 any one loss and in the aggregate during the period of insurance.
What is the Excess?
Directors and Officers
Management Liability                   
Corporate Liability             
Employment Practices Liability
Statutory Liability

Note: The payment of the excess is the responsibility of the defending party and will not be paid by Netball Australia or its affiliated bodies unless otherwise agreed.

What is the Scope of Cover?
Association Liability is essentially made up by 5 covers: 
1. Directors & Officers Liability 
Directors and Officers insurance is intended to provide cover for honest mistakes made by directors, secretaries and other officers concerned in the management of the affairs for the organisation.  Indemnity is provided for loss as a result of a claim arising out of an insured director’s “wrongful act”.
Cover is for damages and legal costs incurred in defending an action brought against an insured director or officer.  In addition, coverage is provided for legal costs incurred in the successful defence of criminal proceedings.
The definition of “wrongful act” includes any error, misstatement or misleading statement, act or omission or neglect or breach of duty of an insured director or officer in the conduct of his or her duties – in short, everything an insured individual does or fails to do.
2. Professional Liability 
Liability arising from the breach of professional duty whether such duty is owed in contract or otherwise in respect of the Insured’s legal liability arising from negligent acts, errors or omissions whenever or wherever committed or alleged to have been committed in connection with your organisation. 
3. Employment Practices Liability 
Employment Practices Liability insurance means any of the following practices directed against any employees, contract worker, temporary workers or any applicant for employment by the named insured: 
  • Wrongful refusal to employ an applicant for employment
  • Wrongful failure to promote an employee
  • Wrongful demotion, negligent evaluation, negligent reassignment or disciplinary action. 
  • Unlawful discrimination which may include discrimination
  • Sexual Harassment

4)  Crime


(sub limited to $500,000)

Provides cover against any loss of money, negotiable instruments, bearer bonds or coupons, stamps, bank or currency notes belonging to the insured or for which the insured is legally liable, where such loss is sustained in consequence of any dishonest or fraudulent act or omission of any insured.


5) Statutory Liability(sub limited to $1,000,000)


Provides cover for any fine or pecuniary penalty pursuant to any Statute which an Insured is legally liable to pay resulting from a Claim made against the Insured.


Statutory Liability shall not include:

(i) any amounts representing damages or compensation;

(ii) any compliance, remedial, reparation or restitution costs;

(iii) any amount which the Insurer is prohibited from paying by law.

Where Does Cover Apply?
The indemnity provided under this policy shall extend to a wrongful act occurring anywhere in the world but shall not include any claim made in, or determined pursuant to the law of the USA or Canada.
What is excluded?
The policy excludes the following; 

1. General

  • Actual or alleged facts which were known to the Association or any Insured person prior to the commencement of the insurance period and which the Association or the insured person knew or ought reasonably to have known might give rise to a claim.
  • Fraudulent, Dishonest and Wilful Conduct


2. Directors & Officers Liability 

  • Any claim relating to Bodily Injury
  • Any claim arising from trading insolvently, bankruptcy, receivership or administration.


3. Professional Liability

  • Any claim relating to Bodily Injury


4. Employment Practices Liability

  • Any claim relating to breach of contract


5. Crime

  • Direct Financial Loss first discovered prior to the commencement of the Insurance Period;
  • Any act, error or omission of any independent contractor (other than an Employee), merchant, external accountant or other similar agent
Please refer to the policy document for details of policy conditions and exclusions. 


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