Who Is Insured Under This Policy?
Netball Australia and all affiliated State Associations and Territories, except Netball NSW, all affiliated clubs and associations and/or subsidiary and/or related Corporations as defined under Australian Corporations Law and/or financiers and all parties for whom the Insured undertakes to insure for their respective rights, interests and liabilities. Note: NSW Netball has a separate policy in place with CGU Insurance.
Who is the insurer?
CGU Insurance Limited.
What is the period of insurance?
From: 4.00pm 1st January 2017 to:4.00pm 1st January 2018.
Both Local Standard Time at the Insured’s head office
What Is The Scope Of Cover?
Loss or damage as a result of fire, water, impact by vehicles, animals, aircraft, aerial devices (includes articles dropped from an aircraft), riots, strikes, malicious damage, earthquake, accidental damage, burglary, theft (excluding theft from areas to which the general public has access) and collision/overturning of conveying vehicle.
What Property is Covered?
All property belonging to the Association of every description up to an amount of $20,000 (Limit any one association with option to increase cover).This includes sporting equipment, outbuildings, sheds, contents, electronic equipment and stock. 
Note: Please advise V Insurance Group if you require a higher Sum Insured for your Association.
What Is The Excess?
Material Damage
Earthquake, Subterranean Fire or Volcanic Eruption                           $20,000 or 1%, whichever the lesser
Named Cyclone - Townsville Netball Association &                             $20,000
Cairns Netball Association                                                                         
Named Cyclone - All other locations                                                        $5,000
Flood - All specified association above,
excluding those limited to $20,000                                                           $10,000
Flood - All other location,
including those limited to $20,000                                                            $5,000
State Associations - All other loss                                                             $1,000
Clubs - All other loss                                                                                    $500                                                                           
Business Interruption
Prevention of Access                                                                                  48 hours
Public / Private Utilities                                                                               48 hours
Infectious or Contagious Disease, Vermin, Pests or
Defective Sanitary Arrangements                                                             48 hours
Note: The payment of the Association Property and Equipment excess is the responsibility of the Association that sustained the loss and will not be paid by Netball Australia unless otherwise agreed
Where Are You Covered?
Anywhere in Australia (including contract sites) where the Insured has property or carries on business, has goods or other property stored or being processed or has work done.
What Are Some Of The Major Exclusions On The Policy?
The following exclusions could affect You:
1.War and terrorism
2.Demolition of damaged property
3.Seepage, creeping, heaving and vibration
4.Normal settling, shrinkage or expansion in buildings or foundations, walls, pavements, roads and other structural improvements
6.Erosion, subsidence, earth movement or collapse
7.Subsidence caused by seismological disturbance
Please refer to the policy document for details of policy conditions and exclusions. 


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